28 October 2016

Something Exciting On Its way!

Hi everyone, this post is just to give you a heads-up that "Bake & Celebrate: Cookies and Treats" Cookbook will be coming soon! This book will publish one of my Chinese New Year cookie recipe! 

15 September 2016

Lychee Liqueur Pumpkin Snowskin Mooncakes

It was not easy for me to squeeze out time to do baking and blogging nowadays. I'm busy with finding the right renovation contractor to renovate my house, so much work at our end, hopefully it will all go smoothly. 

I have a gathering to attend this Saturday, I baked some Taiwanese Style Baked Mooncakes and this one ... the Lychee Liqueur Pumpkin Snowskin Mooncakes which made my heart pumping again!!! 

27 June 2016

Muah Chee (Glutinous Rice Snacks with Peanut and Sugar)

Muah Chee the soft and chewy glutinous rice cake coated with peanut and  sugar... it was not my childhood favourite snack. I only get to try out this Asian snack when I was living in Singapore. My hubby loves this snack very much, I can remember we always buy it from a stall in Chinatown whenever we go there. 

I made Muah Chee years back using microwave method, it was very easy. This round I'm using the recipe which need to cook and fold the dough until it is done. When I was trying out this recipe, I discovered it was hard for us to judge when we should stop folding the glutinous rice dough, it took me a while to exercise my fingers! ^^ The ratio for flour and water has to be 1:1. I'm over joy with the end result. If you make too much and can't finish consume it within a day, you can store it in a airtight container on the kitchen top overnight, reheat in the microwave for a 25 seconds will bring it back to the softness just like freshly make.  

23 June 2016

Takoyaki (Japanese snack)

First time making Takoyaki, I'm using a recipe given by a friend. The ingredients used are a bit different from the traditional Takoyaki as there are Parmesan cheese and milk in it. 

When I recount how I had tracked and bought the Takoyaki machine, I laugh at myself and I believe the friends who went through that moments with me will still laugh together with me too. That's how the life I had in Qatar, miss you all over here.

Yield: 38 pieces

18 June 2016

Sweet and Sour Sticky Short Ribs

This sweet and sour sticky short ribs is one of my family favourite dish! The original recipe called it Gao Sheng Pork Ribs (高升排骨)because of the portion of its ingredients. One part rice wine, two parts sugar, three parts Chinese white vinegar, four parts the light soy source, five parts water, the increase of its ingredients ratio, that's why they name it. I didn't follow the quantity of the original recipe because I don't want to add too much light soy source and sugar in it.  

It is a very delicious short ribs dish, and easy to prepare from our home kitchen. The secret for a delicious plate of sweet and sour sticky short ribs is you have to first deep fry the short ribs with low heat then turn to high heat before stir fry it with seasoning. This will ensure the short ribs is cooked and tender.