16 September 2014

Steamed Mince Pork with Preserved Vegetables 冬菜蒸肉饼

Steamed Mince Pork with Preserved Vegetables was a regular dish on my mum's table. It has been a while since I last tasted this comfort food. One afternoon, when I was chopping up the pork into small pieces, I swung into action to make this dish. Of course, my mum's version will be without the coriander.

This September a very busy month, I hope everything is over soon and the life goes back to quiet and normal routine. Four friends' birthday parties for my son, it means happy time for him and no rest for mummy during this weekend. :( 

200g minced pork
2 tbsp preserved vegetables (wash and soak in water for 30 mins, rinse and drain)
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp of tapioca flour
a pinch of salt and sugar (to taste)
a dash of black peppers 
1 tbsp light soy sauce 
some chopped coriander 
3 tbsp of water + some water

1. In a big bowl, place ingredients together (except light soy sauce). Stir the meat with a pair of chopstick until the meat turn gluey. Cover, set aside in fridge for 30 mins. 
2. Place the meat into a steaming plate (metal steaming plate is better), press the meat with spoon into a thin layer. Add one tablespoon of light soy sauce on top of the meat, add some water to the plate.
3. Place the steaming plate into pre-heat steamer, steam for 15~20 mins, or until the meat is thoroughly cooked. Serve hot.