30 August 2012

Chili Anchovies Buns (Gelatinized Dough)

I am still in the midst of packing up my stuff for the big move, 80% of my stuff is in the boxes and my kitchen is close to "empty" :) Looking at the bare and neat kitchen, suddenly I have a taught of wanting my kitchen to be always in this kind of minimalist stage. Is like clearing all the clutter out of my soul and wanting to live a more healtier life by eating less sugar, salt, and excersice more. Haha... lossing 2 kg for me seems mission impossible (btw, I'm not really "fat" but wanting to reduce from 52kg to 50kg) just wonder how some can do it within a short period.
This bread was make months ago, I improvised my leftover pulut panggang filling by adding some anchovies to make chili anchovies bun filling. The bun tastes lovely with the grated coconut in it. Hope you don't mind seeing my old recipe again :)

Ingredients for making gelatinized dough
100g bread flour
70g boiling water

1. Add the boiling water into flour, mix until well blended to form dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep it into refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
Ingredients for filling:
3 tbsp Woh Hup sambal shrimp paste
100g anchovies
1 tsp sugar
3 tbsp oil
100g pulut panggang filling (ingredients B and C)
1. Add oil and anchovies, fry until anchovies is crispy. Add sambal shrimp, sugar. Add the 100g pulut panggang filling. Add a bit of water if it is too dry. Stir well, set aside to cool.

Ingredients for bread
300g bread flour
100g plain flour
50g sugar
20g milk powder
175g cold water
9g instant yeast
1 egg
50g butter

1. Mix all dry ingredients for bread until well blended. Add water and knead to form rough dough. Add in 100g gelatinized dough and knead until well blended. Add in butter and knead to form elastic dough. Cover and let it proof for 1 hour.
2. Divide the dough into the number of breads you want (for my case, I made 8) Let it rest for 10 mins.
3. Flatten the dough and roll it into round disc, stuff in the filling, wrap up. 

4. Let it proof for 35 mins, glaze with egg.
5. Place in the middle shelve of the oven, bake at 180C for 25 mins. or until brown.


  1. 江鱼仔面包,我的最爱叻!


  2. I love bread with spicy anchoives and I want one for my tea now.

  3. we love to see ur post no matter it's old or new.... ! Renovation work is really a take a long time...u take cake!

  4. Ur buns look really fluffy and soft.

    I love sambal ikan bilis bun.

  5. I want your buns for breakfast!:D

  6. wow havent been visiting blogs for some time and to read that you're moving out! good luck with all the packing and moving and i can't wait to see new bakes from your new kitchen :D


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