28 March 2012

Gabriel, Gabriel you are 4!

This post is a bit overdue due to Gabriel was down with tummy flu and then the virus spread to WT and then me... I am glad that this year we celebrate Gabriel's birthday a week earlier (on 17 Mar 2012), he was sick since 21 Mar until now. We are in the process of recovering!

Gabriel insisted to celebrate his birthday with his teachers on 23 Mar, so I baked the 3D fondant cake for him to bring to school. The cake was baked on Wednesday and decorated it on the same day, keep the cake in the box and store at a corner of the room, swtich on air-con and switch it off when thinking of the electricity bill which needs to pay :) It was ok on Thursday, but Friday morning when I checked on the cake, I saw the cake sponge a bit distorted on the side!!! The fondant on top of the cake is way too heavy for the cake sponge to shoulder... luckily, it is time to bring the cake to school!

There is lot of things in life we value, but what is better than seeing the smile on my son face. When his teacher show off his birthday cake to his classmates, I can see his eyes glued on the cake, waiting ...

he loves this moment. Cutting cake by himself!

Serving food to papa, mama and all his classmates before sit down and eat his cake. Good boy, well done!

Nursery and Playgroup classmates 2012.

17 Mar birthday party cake, which I bought from Cupcakedivinity with $200.

Grandpa and grandma flew in from Penang to celebrate Gabriel's birthday party. He was really happy to see them, kept asking Grandpa "are you staying?" ...mama also hope they can stay!

Lunch buffet ordered from Smiling Orchid, the adult food is good but...the kid menu one is not!! As Gabriel invited his classmates to party, so I ordered additional food from Smiling Orchid kids menu items... the mini hawaian pizza looks soggy and the mini tuna croissants are as hard as stone!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your little prince. Speedy recovery.

  2. He is adorable and handsome, hehehe..and good boy too, know serving to papa, mama and the rest first then only he is enjoying his piece of cake..You have train him well Ah Tze. Hope he will get well soon.

  3. Tze what a big celebration. I never have party like this in my life before..hehe..
    Gabriel must have enjoyed his party a lot .. Which I can tell from the pics. Your cake is wonderful wonderful wonderful. Love it.
    Since u mentioned abt sponge cake can't bear the weight, now I understand why the western fondant cake is made by more condense butter sponge rather than our Asian airy sponge. Thanks dor sharing

  4. That cake is absolutely perfect! Adorable pictures, too.

  5. 从照片上看,你为了Gab的生日真的花了很多心思,

  6. Such a cutie, still remember his photo sitting in the drawer:D Lovely birthday cake, looks like everyone is having a blast!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to Gabriel! That is one cute cake! Two cakes! Lucky little boy! He must be very happy indeed! And I'm sure, lots of presents too! :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to Gabriel!! May he stay healthy and happy always. He is such a cute boy.


  9. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Gabriel...

  10. Happy Birthday, Gabriel!
    The cake looks so adorable.

  11. hope you and everyone at home are all well now. The kids must have had a wonderful time and how nice of the grandparents to fly in to celebrate his birthday!

  12. May I know your party location? The room looks good for a kids' party. Thank you!


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