20 November 2006

Taipei (2) : Jiufen 九份

Ma-su 嘛粟 one of the Taiwanese traditional snack. The above five pieces cost us ~ $10. If you buy it from shops at Jiufen will be cheaper.

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  1. Beautiful- do you take your own photographs?

  2. Hi, thanks! yes, this photo was taken by me.

  3. Hi Tangerine: Thanks for visiting, do come often! ^_^

  4. I will- you have a sweet spirit. It is how Our Father has made you. You have an eye for beauty as well.

  5. Tangerine: it's strange, your link disappeared after I switch to beta version.

  6. I was wondering how that happened.
    I hope you have as sweet day as I had. The wind was kind and gentle today. The temperature perfect. I felt like I was receiving prayer, I went to intercessory prayer later that day and as I walked in our prayer pastor said, " I was praying for you this morning." I love it when God so kind. I pray a sweet wind on you today.


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