01 May 2013

Taiwanese Style Braised Pork on Rice (Lu Rou Fan) 滷肉饭

I should admit that I'm cooking lot of pork dishes lately, yes the weather here is so cold and we have to eat lot of meat to keep warm :) I saw a Taiwanese blogger (金山茶)cooking this dish and I know how delicious this dish is as I always order it if I happen to drop in a Taiwanese restaurant. 

 金山茶 has listed the measurement for the ingredients but not for the seasoning, I know the reasons behind it as it is up to you to fix the seasoning which best suit your family. Therefore, I'm listing down the seasoning which is the best for my family. This Taiwanese Style Braised Pork on rice is sweet and not as salty as the Tau Yu Bak which I made weeks ago. The main ingredient here which bring out the flavour of this dish is the sugarcane rock sugar. For my son he loves this braised pork on rice better than Tau Yu Bak!  For me, I thumb up for this dish too, oh no...have to burn more fat :D 

Recipe adapted from 金山茶
400g pork belly with fat but skin off, cut into small cubes, boil and rinse with cold water
1/2 onion, sliced
5 mushrooms, minced or cut into small
3 hard boiled eggs

3 tbsp of cooking oil
2 heaps tbsp of sugarcane rock sugar
5 cloves of garlic, minced
2 slices of ginger, cut into length
2 cinnamon sticks
3-4 star aniseed
4 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
3 tbsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp light soy sauce
400ml stock (used water from boiling sweet corns)

1. Heat wok with oil, add garlic, stir fry until it turns brown, take out and set aside.
2. Place the sugarcane rock sugar into the wok, turn to low fire, fry until the sugar turn slightly brown, add pork cubes, stir fry until the pork turn brown. 
3. Add fried garlic and ginger. Add mushroom and the remaining seasoning. Add stock. Cooking until the stock boiling, add in hard boiled eggs. 
4. Turn the heat to low, cooking for another 45 mins or until the pork tender and gravy thicken. (is good to have some gravy as it is yummy to go with rice)


  1. 一早就有那么美味丰富的早餐了。快乐假期哦!

    1. 你那边是假期了吗?时间过得好快!

    2. 今天是老动节假日嘛!这里是假期。相公没上班,孩子没上课。

  2. 我好喜欢这个卤肉饭呢,好好吃哦!

  3. Hi Tze,
    This 卤肉饭of yours looks really inviting.
    Love the colour too.
    2 thumbs Up for you :D

  4. Hi Tze,

    Need to burn more fat after eating your bright and cheerful 卤肉饭? Nay! Just eat this and be happy :D


  5. This looks really delicious! And I love the eggs too! I think that my family would love this dish as well!
    Take care and keep warm!

  6. Tze, I really like 卤肉饭 but my children don't really like it. And when having 卤肉饭, must have the egg. Your version of the 卤肉饭 look very colourful with those vegetables!


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