08 September 2011

Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin Mooncake: purple obsession

Gabriel brought home a piece of small yellowish snowskin mooncake, he told me "teacher made it!" the smell of the snowskin is ...yuck! too much shortening used! (Don't misunderstanding me, the snowskin mooncake he brought home was placed with his unfinished snack in his snack box, the mooncake was made in class to strengthen the students knowledge on mid-autumn festival, so as a mum you wouldn't let your kid eat this too) and I threw it to rubbish bin straight away. The story didn't end because after lunch my son asked me for the mooncake he brought home! He insisted to have it back, I shown him the rubbish bin and promised to help him make a nice one.

My purple obsession started when I baked Thousand Layers Yam Mooncake, then I saw Wendy's purple sweet potato chiffon and then again Lena's purple sweet potatoes angkoo kuih, so I couldn't get rid of the purple and come out with this Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin Mooncake! This round no food colouring used, is natural romantic purple :)

One big piece of purple sweet potato about 200g, peeled and boiled until soft. Separate the water with purple sweet potato, mashed the purple sweet potato and retain the water for later use.

Can see bit and pieces of purple sweet potatoes on the snowskin. If you ask me on the taste, yes, this is yummylicious!

Ingredients for snowskin:
200g premix snowskin powder
200g mashed purple sweet potatoes
10g shortening (no need to add all)
50ml water from boiled purple sweet potatoes
5ml pandan essence
15g icing sugar

Ingredients for filling:
red bean paste


1. roll the red bean paste into a small balls set aside. I made 10 pieces.
2. Place snow skin powder into a small bowl, add mashed purple sweet potato, pandan essence, sugar, mix well. Graduately add water, knead into a rough dough and add shortening and knead into a smooth dough. Set aside for 30 mins.
3. Flatten the skin dough and wrap in filling, shape the dough into a ball. Place in the mooncake mould, press and dislodge imprinted mooncake.

I'm submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011), hosted by Happy Home Baking.