05 March 2012

Dinosaur Fondant : Success!

This dinosaur fondant is my third attempts. My first fondant (which I made in early Feb)melted after sitting in the room temperature for 5 hours, I thought it could be because of the condensation from the cold buttercream underneath the fondant cake. I placed my second attempts inside the freezer then fridge before moved the dinosaur figurines to the room temperature as suggested by a web forum discussion, it was a wrong decision! The dinosaur became sticky and very messy!  

Thanks to bloggers who try to help me figure out the fondant melting issue, special thanks to Li Shuan from Helena's Kitchen for telling me about the Tylose Powder. I managed to find more information on it from The Sugar Lane about mixing Tylose Powder into fondant to turn the dough into quick gumpaste. For the first timer like me, I find information on The Sugar Lane really helpful. Phoon Huat didn't sell Tylose Powder, it has Sugar Paste Modelling Gum as subsitute. The powder really do wonder, it hardens the fondant and contains the melting issue.

Anyway, I've order a fondant cake for my son after couldn't resolve the fondant sweating issue for 3 weeks. Of course I'll be making another cake for him to bring to school to celebrate with his teachers and classmates since so much resources and effort has been put in :)

The leftover fondant, make into a flower. The blue fondant is mixing the white fondant with blue icing colour. Lovely blue :)

Phoon Huat didn't sell Tylose Powder, they have Sugar paste modelling gum as subsitute.

Really can't save on the cost for this icing colour, my whole box of normal food colouring didn't help but accelerate the fondant in melting.


  1. Yeah! Adding the powder makes the wonder!! I am very happy that you finally found the solution for the sweating issue. Looking fwd to see more fondant creations from you soon. :)

  2. 好可爱的小恐龙,看得出你真的很用心去做,

  3. great to hear that you managed to solve your problem! very lovely colours !

  4. Wah, I love your dinosaur, looks so cute! I haven' tried on fondant, seems quite complicated to me, hehe.

  5. Love the pastel color. Your dinosaur do cute. Way to go Tze!

  6. Oh, I heard from Swee San, never put fondant cakes into the fridge.. if not it'll sweat. She just keeps her cakes in the dining room before they get delivered.

  7. That's so cute! You are so artistic!

  8. 恐龙很可爱,颜色很柔,手工很细,很厉害!我也一直很想玩翻糖,不敢尝试,感觉成本很高,二来也没有那个时间。

  9. Actually I do have Tylose with me but didn't use it at all. All I did is brush some water on the area that I need to join and attached and it works. Lucky for me that it wasn't too humid when I made my fondant figurines and they are quite easy to handle.

    Your fondant dinosaur is so cute. Gabriel must be happy seeing this.

  10. 其实那个粉我也有买,可是还没用过 (可想而知我家的stock level 有多高,什么都买),没想到是这么好的。。呵呵

  11. This is super cute! I must try this one day. Can you guide me? .. hehee..


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