14 July 2015

Qatar Karak Tea 卡达尔咖乐茶

Karak Tea is the popular spices Arabic drink which believe to be originated from India. The Qatar Karak Tea is not as spicy as what we get in the Indian Masala Chai Tea, there are varies version of Karak Tea with endless possibilities in the use of spices to suit your taste bud. 

The basic common ingredients used are: black tea, condensed milk or evaporated milk, sugar and spices. Some people like to add spices such as ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, star anise , peppercorn, nutmeg or cloves. As for my family, I add saffron and little sugar in it. In Qatar we can get a special evaporated milk that comes with cardamon flavour, most people believe it's to cater for the local drinking culture. 

This should be the last post before I break for my summer holidays and wishing all Muslim friends and readers Happy Eid Mubarak in advance!




13 July 2015

Sheng Jian Bao / Shui Jian Bao (Pan-Fried Pork Bun 生煎包/ 水煎包)

每个人,都是离乡背井来到沙城,朋友是热情的,但 每一个朋友都会有离开这里的一天。

今天倒数计时开始,把开袋的剩余面粉弄成水煎包(生煎包),我家孩子爱吃的!!食谱是和以前的相像。好怀恋“上海1930”餐馆!这一次共搓弄了35粒水煎包, 那鬆软的肉包和脆皮焦底是好吃呐!! 

Making the Shui Jian Bao / Sheng Jian Bao or Pan Fried Pork Bun using the leftover flour, need to clear the pantry before I go on long summer holidays! This Shui Jian Bao is one of my son favourite, if you give him between spring roll and one of this Shui Jian Bao/ Sheng Jian Bao, for sure he will choose the bao! My first encountered with this crispy fried bottom and soft bun was in 2013, the "Shanghai 1930" restaurant make great Shui Jian Bao! 

This round, I made 35 pieces using the same quantities for bao dough but almost double the previous filling recipe. If you are not consume the baos in the same day, keep the extra raw baos in freezer, no need to thaw the bao when cooking, just place the frozen bao straight to the pan, add oil, 1/3 water of the height of bao, cook with medium fire.

Happy summer holidays and see you in late August! 

09 July 2015

Nut Free Black Sesame Macarons with Azuki Cream Cheese (黑芝麻红豆乳酪马卡龙)

Black Sesame Macarons with Azuki Cream Cheese, a very unique Asian flavour, I believe. ^^
I have the pure fine black sesame powder, which I always used to make my own soy bean milk. This time I try out the black sesame powder to make my macarons. During baking time, the kitchen was filled with black sesame fragrance. 

Beside the factors that would affect your macarons which I mentioned in my Green Tea Macarons post, there is another factor I want to add on. The fine powder of the black sesame I used for this bake produced a smoother top macarons then the previous Green Tea Macarons.

By the way, this is a Nut Free Macarons and no colour dye is added to it! Enjoy!

08 July 2015

Geen Tea Macarons with Azuki Cream Cheese(Matcha Macarons 绿茶红豆乳酪马卡龙)

I lost count of how many times my macarons was without feet. For the past three weeks, everyday the first thing I had to do after breakfast was baking macarons, on some days I  baked three batches. The unsuccessful attempts were not due to problem with the recipe but the baker (Me). I come to realize baking macaron is not so simple, beside the feet, a macaron should has minimize hollow shell, there are tons of reasons, the list go on never ending. Of course, after the successful baked it doesn't means that unsuccessful attempts no longer going to haunt me again. Well, my macarons is yet to reach the signature stylish smooth top it should have, a long way to go.

After all these experiments, I come to like the crunchy chewy texture of the macaron, the filling play an important role to tone down the sweetness of the over sweet macaron shell. 

There are lot of myths for this little round pretty monster, one thing I can bust is the quantities of the ingredients, the ratio of ground almond, icing sugar and egg are not really important. Therefore when you sifted the icing sugar and ground almond, you can dump that chunky bits. 

There are many little things that cause an unsuccessful macaron, such as the dye that you add to the meringue. It is a sure no to add liquid colour, it'll makes the meringue soaking with that extra bit of water which result the macaron can't form a dry shell. I have try a few types of dye and come to satisfy with AmeriColor. However, if you don't have one, you can use any powder food colouring or the Wilton icing colour. 

Folding Meringue
Folding the meringue during the macaronage is another crucial factor, I tried my very best to fold as what the experts said, about 30-40 folds, then come to realize it's depends on the quantities of meringue you have. What Stella of BraveTart said in her blog made me realized I no need to be too gentle in folding the meringue, what we really need to do is incorporate the ground almond, icing sugar together with the meringue, and most importantly deflate the air in the meringue. So scrape the mixing bowl, fold the macaronage until "lava stage" which mean the mixture should be able to ooze a bit but not runny. Yes, if the ground almond is not incorporate properly to the meringue, it may cause crack or may contribute to a not smooth top for the macaron.

Thanks to my friend who saw my crack macarons and told me it could be my oven  temperature was too high. I always set my oven temperature on 150C but until I placed the oven thermometer inside the oven then I realized the temperature inside my oven is way higher than the 150C, from that onward, every times the oven thermometer will be inside my oven when I bake the macaron, as this little monster really very sensitive to heat. However, I discovered that the temperature between 140C~150C is good for macarons. If the temperature is too high, the macarons may rise too fast and causing the hollow shell too.

Dry out the Macarons
Do you believe this is the most challenging part to me after all? I'm not that patient in waiting the macarons to sit out and dry by itself, so many times my unsuccessful macarons were due to this factor. I didn't wait long enough to let it form the dry shell and just pop them into the oven, of course the result was macarons with no feet. So until yesterday, I discover there is a technique used by lot of bakers, heat up the oven, leave the oven door open and let the baking tray sit close to the oven for about 10 mins. This will dry out the macarons the faster way. 

Lastly, I want to thanks Anncoo Journal for her Matcha Macarons recipe, all my experiments on macarons are using her recipe as my guide. The small quantities of the ingredients is just right for me to try out my experiments on macarons. 

Below is a video and a good article on Macaron which I find them useful, hope it's useful for you to see "feet" too! ^^ Happy Baking! 


07 July 2015

Green Tea Cream Puffs 绿茶泡芙

Try out a few bakes using green tea powder, one of it is baking choux pastry with green tea pastry cream filling. This is a dessert love by my family, the sweetness is just right with that unique mild green tea fragrance. The Choux puffs rise up to its maximum height, with crispy shell and hollow centre. 

This time I made my choux puffs smaller (1/3 of palm size), then I realized it only need around 25 mins baking time. If you are baking a bigger choux puffs like what I did in my previous baking, it may take a longer baking time. 

I'm using Okashi, Sweet Treats Made With Love recipe for the pastry cream and using my previous bake choux pastry recipe.

03 July 2015

Palm Sugar and Coconut Milk Jelly (Agar Agar Santan Gula Melaka 耶糖燕菜)

This is the first time I made Four-layered Jelly, all the while I thought it will take a long while waiting for the Jelly to set before proceed to another layer, therefore I didn't try to make one. These few days I try to search a good recipe on palm sugar and sago, because one of my guest requested a dessert to have sago and palm sugar in it. 

I came across Coffee and Cream Agar Jelly by RunAwayRice, she shown the fast setting technique using ice bath which I find it useful for me. However, her recipe using "half and half" which I don't think I can buy it here, so I have to drop her recipe. Then, I came across Helen's YouTube recipe on her Rainbow Jelly. I decided to modified on Helen's recipe to make my Palm Sugar and Coconut Milk Jelly and also using the ice bath technique. 

This Agar-agar Santan Gula Melaka or Palm Sugar Coconut Milk Jelly is a perfect dessert for this hot summer, the sweetness of palm sugar is just right and the little sago in the coconut milk layer add a different texture to this beautiful delicious Jelly, my son and hubby love it so much. 

One special note I would like to add on ice bath technique is I find it awesome. You can see the Jelly setting and gauge the right timing to pour in the second layer, a crucial for the layers to stick together. 

30 June 2015

Green Tea Cheesecake with Milo Powder

I seldom bake cake as cake is not the food that I can put on my breakfast table. However, I bake this green tea cheesecake again because this heavy cream cheese cheesecake will be a good dessert for guests. I double the quantities to make a tall cheesecake, and I think I did a good job on mixing the green tea powder to the cream cheese mixture this round. The mild green on the cheesecake is very lovely! 

Now, why Milo powder and not cocoa powder? Just because I don't have sweetened cocoa powder and the combination of Milo and mild green tea taste great!  

29 June 2015

Red Bean Buns / Rolls 红豆沙面包

Dig out my homemade chunky red bean paste which I cooked sometimes ago using 800g of kidney red bean (I used kidney red bean in cans) to make this batch of bread, I just used about 400g of the red bean paste for this bread making. I didn't blend my red bean to smooth paste, it still contain bits of red bean chunk. The good thing about homemade red bean paste is you can control how sweet you want the paste to be. 

My son was "wow" by the twisted shape of this bread, however, the soft bread texture and the chunky red bean paste are the real winner. 

28 June 2015

Flower Hot Dog Buns 热狗花朵面包

This is another bread making using 65C water roux method. I made six hot dog buns in flower shape and 12 mini hot dog buns. Another popular soft bun love by my family.  

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Bitter Sweet is what this chocolate peanut butter bars taste like. 

It's like our life we can't see our future but only trust on God leading the way. Every time when there is a need to embark on a new path we will resist as there is unknown, there is fear. However, when you trust on God and leap forward, you see light and future. When time to say goodbye, it always sad because is either friends leave you behind or you leave them on the same place. Bitter Sweet, when there is friendship, there is stories, when there is love, there is tears. 

When I saw the Tastemade's video on the No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars by Home Cooking Adventure I know is time to clear my bitter chocolate bar! I don't have enough creamy peanut butter, I add some chunk peanut butter in the chocolate layer as well. This bake is a surprise to me as it is not very sweet. This is such an easy and beautiful bake!  

26 June 2015

Vegetable Spring Rolls 春卷

I have been making this type of crispy spring rolls since I learnt it from my friend who used to make spring rolls in bulk for school event. I'm thankful that she shared the tips on how to fry the spring rolls filling and wrap it well so it will not open up when deep fry. So, no more soggy oily spring rolls from me. 

This time I managed to take some photos on the spring rolls before my family finished it in second. The spring roll pastry will remain crispy for a while and I love the crunchy vegetable with glass noodles in the filling, able to munch on the different layers of texture in the spring rolls, is so good!  

25 June 2015

Putu Mayam (aka Idiyappam)

Putu Mayam (Idiyappam) is rice flour noodles goes together with shredded coconut and palm sugar or dark brown sugar. It is an Indian snack, the ingredients used is about the same as Kueh Tutu/ Putu Piring, however, if compare the taste of Putu Mayam with Kueh Tutu, I would say that, they are totally from different dimension, yes both are using rice flour but as Putu Mayam comes in the form of noodles and there is oil in the rice flour dough the taste is more refine. 

For this Idiyappam making, I'm using the Thai brand rice flour. Add water until the wet rice flour dough is able to hold together, it will not stick too much to hands. Turning the Putu Mayam press mold was such an enjoyable experience, in fact it is easy to use. My last Putu Mayam was in Penang, that time my late grandfather still there, he loves Putu Mayam, this is my first Putu Mayam after so many years!

This morning while making Putu Mayam, I was baking another batch of Cranberry Cream Cheese bread too! ^^ 

24 June 2015

Kueh Tutu / Putu Piring 嘟嘟糕

Kueh Tutu or Putu Piring or Kue Putu Ayu is a round shaped steamed rice flour cake with shredded coconut and palm sugar/ gula melaka as its filling, but nowadays it has peanuts or even red beans filling too. I have not taste it since young, recently a friend of mine told me it tastes really good, she gamely challenge me to bake-along with her. As I don't have the special Kueh Tutu mold, I used tart mold it seems a great choice to do this work  too! 

Thanks to my friend, this lovely, a bit soft chewy texture of steamed rice flour cake is here. This is my second attempt, the first one came out too dry as I steamed the Kueh Tutu together with the tart mold on. By the way, the rice flour I used is the local brand rice flour.  

1. The rice flour mixture has to be wet enough to hold into a rough dough yet able to break into fine crumble. When the flour is put through a sieve, it will turn into very fine powder like in my photo.
2. Transfer of rice flour cake dough from mold to the steamer has to be very careful as I am not using the individual muslin cloth. Some loose rice flour crumble may break off but as long as it still in one piece during steaming, it will come out one piece and not break into crumble in your hands. 
3. If you do it right, the kueh tutu will stay soft and will not turn hard. (I checked my last piece of Kueh Tutu after 4 hours, it stays soft and fluffy)

20 June 2015

Dongpo Pork (Dong Po Rou 东坡肉)


Dongpo Pork (or Dong Po Rou) is one of the Chinese exquisite braised pork belly, after cook it in wok for 30 mins then transfer the pork belly to slow cooker for another 3 hours of slow cooking will result a delicacy that is rich in flavour and non greasy melt-in your mouth texture! 

My hubby loves this dish so much, he alone can finish 500g of pork belly in one meal! The tantalizing aroma is hard to resist! As for me, I only dare to eat one mouthful of the Dongpo pork looking at the speed of my increasing waistline and the number on the weighting machine is always going up!!! ok... just licking on the gravy!!    

Milk Crisp Buns 奶酥面包

Milk Crisp Bun is a bun filled with milk powder-butter filling and topped with fine coconut flakes. The fragrance of the coconut topping from this bun is amazing! It is one of my son favourites bun! 

The bread dough was very sticky to handle and extra flour for dusting is required. I made 15 small buns out of the 210g bread flour. 

19 June 2015

Vietnamese Salad Rolls (Goi Guon) 越式沙拉卷

Is another super hot day, let's make some simple cooling salad rolls for this summer! If you like herbs, this Vietnamese Salad Rolls (Goi Guon) will be perfect for you. Is easy to make and it doesn't has a fixed recipe for the filling, you can add whatever you like but basically the main ingredients for this salad are dried rice paper wrappers, coriander leaves, lettuce (or butter lettuce), bean vermicelli (or rice vermicelli also can), carrot, and seafood.

I have blanched the bean vermicelli until soft, rinsed it with cold water; add some oil, a teaspoon of light soy sauce, fish sauce and a tablespoon of lemon juice, then toast the mixture together before used. The Vietnamese Salad Rolls itself is flavourful even without dipping sauce. Yes, I soaked the prawn with a teaspoon of sugar cold water before used too.

Ten salad rolls is not enough for my family! The herbs and refreshing taste of the salad rolls will make you wanting to munch more of it!

To prevent tearing of rice paper wrapper, just briefly dip the rice paper wrapper in a plate of water. Take the rice paper wrapper out from water even it's still hard. Place the pattern checker side downward on a flat surface, the rice paper wrapper will soon turn soft.  

This salad rolls has to eat on the same day, keeping the salad rolls in fridge without cover will turn the rice paper wrapper hard. 


13 June 2015

Pork Floss Buns 肉鬆面包

Running out of bread at home again, this time I'm thinking of Pork Floss Buns! This bun is so popular in Singapore but sadly we can't get it here. Kill two birds with one stone, yes, I'm clearing the pork floss I have so making pork floss buns is putting it into good use, we are heading home for summer soon.

The bun remains soft even the second days, I can eat it plain without any filling. The milky butter flavour in the bun is the winner. I'm using the recipe by 陈郁芬 65C汤种面包,传统肉鬆面包 with a minor changes.

11 June 2015

Mexican Coffee Buns / Roti Buns 墨西哥咖啡面包

I'll start with telling you that Mexican Coffee Buns is not original from Mexico but from Singapore or may be Malaysia. There are Papa Roti, Mama Roti and Roti Boy stores selling this  Mexican Coffee Buns or Roti Buns. It is a bun with butter filling, and with a layer of cookie crust on top. Yes, it is famous because of its coffee fragrance crust and the soft bread texture. And I have not taste any Mexican Coffee Buns while I was in Singapore just because I can't take coffee, food or drink with caffeine in it will increased my heart beat and causing nausea. But then I realized the coffee bun which Papa Roti/ Mama Roti/ Roti Boy selling is not literally with coffee but just that bit of coffee powder in the cookie crust on top. 

However, if you can't take coffee like me, I suggest you reduce the coffee powder in the cookie crust, as that 1.5 tsp of Nescafe instant coffee powder still make me feel nausea after eating only one bun. 

While doing the search on Internet on coffee buns, I realized some people mentioned about the issue on collapsing of the cookie crust dome, I have not encounter this issue myself just suspect that it could be cause by under baked of the bun. 

My Mexican Coffee Buns, raised so beautifully with a brown, fat and crispy round dome! The most enjoyable part in baking this Mexican Coffee Buns is watching the topping melt and witness the expanding of its dome. With the used of water roux (Tangzhong) the bun texture is soft. If anything I want to change for future baking of this coffee buns that would be adding more butter filling, and only pipe the topping 1/3 of the bun instead of 3/4 of it.

Thanks Happy Home Baking for sharing her recipe. I refer to 陈郁芬65C 汤种面包,墨西哥面包 too. This coffee bun has to eat while it is hot, when it sit long in room temperature the cookies crust tends to turn a bit sticky, just pop it in the oven and reheat for 5 mins will make it good again. 

05 June 2015

Soft and Fluffy Sultana Cinnamon Rolls 葡萄干糖浆肉桂面包卷

Today I dig my hands into bread making again! My son asked for more Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread but I want a change on my breakfast table, what come to my mind was Cinnamon Rolls, a sweet bun that I love to eat...and it doesn't contain so much fat as in the cream cheese bread! The soft, moist and fluffy cinnamon bread texture with its distinctive cinnamon's fragrance is why it is my favourite.  I baked some breads using cinnamon before, one of it was Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls in Oct 2012. 

This round is a totally new attempt. I used 65C Tangzhong 汤种 to make the softness of the bread more lasting. That's mean the bread will remain soft for a few days. In the bread filling, I stirred together butter with sultana, cinnamon powder and sugar. One kg of cranberry is selling at QR50~QR55, so golden sultana or normal raisin will be more economical for homemade bread. 

After a few days of testing and baking something I seldom eat for fundraising, finally baking something I love, it is so comforting.^^ Hahh, this soft, moist and fluffy cinnamon rolls will not disappoint you.  

29 May 2015

Flaky Swirl Mooncakes 芋头酥

家里那一颗芋头放了很久,本想弄芋头饭的现在却弄了芋头酥, 这是为将来临的集会做测试烘焙。第一次弄芋头酥是在2011年。这次弄的芋头酥比起2011年,小有进步,我想在压平面团时得弄长一些那卷起时就会多几圈吧。包面皮的手法还得加强才好,那酥皮的层次才会均衡分明。

Carol的食谱,馅料有我喜欢的奶香,朋友试吃了以后提议下回加葱油我想那是很不错的建议。这芋头酥得小心轻放,那酥皮如一个不小心被压着就粹散了。在制作油皮面皮过程中,面皮是一直松软很好超做的。而油酥面皮是柔软有黏性的。我家大王说他喜欢这不是很甜的芋头酥月饼, 怎样都好吃下去还是会增胖的啦!

First time making this Flaky Swirl Mooncakes or Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes was in 2011. If I compared this bake to the one 2011, I think I have some improvements in handling the flaky layering. But still, there is rooms to improve on getting more flaky layers by elongate the dough a bit while flattening and get more spiral during roll up the dough. 

The water dough was soft and pliable throughout the making process. The oil dough is soft and sticky. Both pastry dough has to be in same consistency of softness to minimize the leaking of oil dough into water dough while flattening process. 

One friend has suggested to add shallot oil in the yam filling after tasting the mooncake, I think it is a good idea to enhance the taste of yam filling. This pastry has to be handled with care, as it is fragile even to hold it with your finger tips, to place it in a cupcake linear is a good option.    

I'm referring to Carol's recipe book (Carol 不藏私料理厨房 page 154, 155, 156) and Honey Bee Sweets's blog for my Flaky Swirl Mooncakes, thank you Carol for sharing the wonderful recipe with us.

This mooncakes is not advice to keep more than 2 days, the flaky swirl will turn soft on the third day.

26 May 2015

Tang Yuan With Sweet Osmanthus (Black Sesame Filling) 桂花黑芝麻汤圆

Have you ever link eating Tang Yuan (a bouncy chewy glutinous rice balls dessert) to Japanese Zen 禅?I do. ^^

Tang Yuan is a bouncy chewy glutinous rice balls traditionally eaten during Yuan Xiao 元宵 and Chinese Winter Solstice Festival 冬至. It has the meaning of reunion. It is usually cook in a pot of boiling water, serve with sweet soup. My late grandma loves to cook the Tang Yuan without any filling in it. The last time I made my own Tang Yuan was in December 2013.

Recently we have a friend served us her homemade Tang Yuan, it was served with Sweet Osmanthus soup. I'm not sure was it because of the sweet osmanthus or may be the utensils we used, I associated eating the Tang Yuan with Japanese Zen. The soup is clean and pure and the osmanthus is so pretty, the chewy glutinous rice ball go well with the warm sweet osmanthus, yes, the sweetness of the soup is just right, not over dose by sugar. This dessert is very comforting!

Today I can't resist the desire to eat that Zen's style Tang Yuan again. First time for me to make the Tang Yuan with filling, I search the Internet and come across China Sichuan Food's Tang Yuan, I modified the water contents in the recipe and used cook dough method to make the bouncy chewy Tang Yuan. If you prefer the filling to be more liquefied you have to add more butter in the filling, the black sesame filling will burst in one bite. ^o^ I have certain expectation on the filing, I don't like it to be too runny, when we finished eating the Tang Yuan I want my sweet osmanthus soup to be clear and not fill with bits of black sesame filling.

To get a successful bouncy rice balls, is important to gradually add water into flour as much as it can absorb, knead properly, the dough should be wet, smooth and not sticky. After cooking the glutinous rice balls in boiling water, make sure you scoop out the glutinous rice balls and let it sit in a bowl of room temperature water before serving. Freeze the Tang Yuan dough balls if you are not going to consume it immediately. 

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

A few days ago, I brought home two yummy cranberry cream cheese flat buns after I attended Asian Coffee Morning. It was a beautiful bun baked by a friend, her beautiful bakes really inspired me to continue my baking journey which nowadays most of the time I find it lack of motivation to do so. My son love the cranberry cream cheese bread, he asked for more after taking two! As I have three tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese sitting in my fridge, I decided to put them into good use.

When searching on the filling, I find there are two types of filling recipe, one is cream cheese with condensed milk the other one is cream cheese with icing sugar, I used the later. With water roux in the bun, it produces a fluffy soft bread texture.  Huh... I forgot to flatten the bun a bit after shaping, and thought I could press down the bun with a tray on top before baking, I think I pressed it too hard. It was a mistake that cause some buns to have hairline cracks on the edge of the bun after baked.

Thanks Cook With No Books for the beautiful recipe!

近来的我在烘焙这方面都是懒散的,孩子每一天的课程都是排得满满的,一有空摊我就想在沙发上磕睡一下。好不容易在朋友那找回烘焙灵感,看她完成每一个漂亮的成品让我手瘾大起,这是real world 的Bake-Along。 那天从集会带回倆个朋友弄的蔓越梅阿扁面包,我家孩子吃下倆个还嫌不够,今天就开工弄了十二个,这应该够吃了吧? ^^ 


25 May 2015

Castella Cake 蜂蜜长崎蛋糕

Castella Cake is here again! :) Thanks to my friend who lend her wooden cake mold to me. I tried out a new recipe using the wooden cake mold ...three attempts totally with one unsuccessful attempt, one dry cake and one consider a good texture cake. All these attempts were using same recipe with whole egg, not the egg separation method that I tried on my previous bakes on Jul 2013, and Mar 2012

Verdict is I prefer the cake texture using egg separation method, as it produces dense, soft chewy and fine texture compared to whole egg method. 

Out of my three attempts on whole egg method, two of the attempt I used water steam bath underneath the cake, the cake turned out moist and chewy and not dry as the one baked without water steam bath. So, I have to record down this point to keep myself remember. 

This Castella Cake is with only four ingredients, egg, sugar, honey and bread flour. But I think I prefer the one with maltose sugar and milk in it, as it produces smoother and finer cake texture. 

13 May 2015

Yakitori Chicken

Today a tiring day, finally able to sit down and enjoy my own time. Going through the photos backlog and decided to post Yakitori.

One of my family favourite on-the-go snack is Yakitori the Japanese grilled chicken. We ate a lot of it when we were in Singapore. Never cross my mine to make one myself until I saw Nami of Just One Cookbook Yakitori video. It looks easy and simple and I just went on to try it out. 

All these photos here were from my first attempt, the second attempt was for a friend birthday. I would say that the taste of my second attempt was better because I marinated the chicken, also I added a bit of sake, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce into the sauce to enhance its taste, yes, I prefer stronger taste. Trust me, a little golden brown on the meat will make it more appetizing. 

10 mins of broiling time will give you a perfect tender Yakitori, however it also depends on the size of your chicken chunk. 

08 May 2015

Bacon Parmesan Gougeres

五月,好多朋友将离开卡达尔的月份,说不伤感是假的。 夏炎的空气有时闷热得让人抓慌,菜埔里的菜啊,水果啊,都死轿轿了!日子回到原来的厨房,关在有空调的屋里,心是平静的。我爱我的厨房!那天看到 Fine Cooking 的 Bacon Parmesan Gougeres 就动工了,好一道不用酵母的面包。成品是偏咸带奶酪香有咬劲的软面包,实合加入孩子的午餐合里,当然也是很好的早餐。除了好吃之外,这面包加分在。。。速战速决!

This May a few of my friends are leaving Qatar for good. The sun physically burn the leaves of my Australia Avocado, the plant which took me eight weeks to care from seed, root and sprout! Now, I only hope it can survive the summer. My days back to the kitchen with air-conditioning 24 hours blasting, temperature in the house is cool and my heart is calm.  

Saw the Fine Cooking introduces this Bacon Parmesan Gougeres, I swing into action to make this yeast-less bread. The end result is a soft savoury bread with cheesy aroma. Is a good choice for kid's lunch box, of course is a healthy breakfast too. Besides the taste, I like this bread because of its short making time. 

16 April 2015

Kuih Dadar / Kuih Ketayap (Sweet Coconut Crepe Roll with Grated Coconut Filling)

So many thing happened during this Easter Holiday, we have experienced our first massive sandstorm ever happened in Qatar which is the one worth record down here. The aftermath sandstorm was bad enough to make many flights delayed, and most of the friends I know have to wash and clean their house for hours! The sad news for the aftermath sandstorm is summer is official here and most of my vegetables in the garden is dying...the only plant that able to survive is the Desert Roses. 

Try out a few new recipes this week, making a few unsuccessful cakes as well. But I am happy to share this successful soft and sweet coconut crepe roll with grated coconut filling in brown sugar with you. Its traditional name is Kuih Dadar (or some call it Kuih Ketayap). I think this is the first snack which I didn't eat when I was young. My parent didn't eat this Kuih Dadar, they have not serve it to us and I come to like this snack because of a lot of food blogger has made it. And one of my friend here made a good Kuih Dadar, I tried and come to like it as well. 

When I search for Kuih Dadar recipe, I found it has some differences, some add glutinous rice flour and oil in the grated coconut filling, I chose not to add glutinous rice flour base on my personal expectation for the taste of the filling. I want to be able to munch on the sweet grated coconut. Just purely the taste of sweet brown sugar and grated coconut is enough to make you like this Asian snack. As for the crepe, I'm making it without using lye water. This recipe produces a nice springy soft and smooth crepe as it has the tapioca flour in it too.  

01 April 2015

You Tiao (Chinese Cruller 油条) (No Alum Version)

油条,一道儿子喜欢的食物这里是没卖的。我对它是又爱又怕,不想让孩子吃化学物的我尝试了好多不同的食谱,加米粉版啦,加泡打粉版,加苏打粉版都一一弄过。。。就是不想用Alum 明矾。出来的成品不是像外头卖的那样轻脆,而是有重量,外带脆内空的。这一个食谱的成品是我还可以接受的 没明矾版食谱。不是轻脆的成品,但好吃,安心。

One of my son favourite snack is Chinese Cruller (You Tiao), I have been trying many recipes to replicate the You Tiao we can get like selling outside, the light crispy texture with the hollows inner. But unfortunately, it can not be achieved without the alum powder. A chemical I'm not using. This recipe I'm going to share produce a heavy texture, hollow inner, and a bit crisp outer when it is still hot. This is a no alum version of You Tiao.

I'm referring my recipe on Helen's video recipe with changes.

Kuih Seri Muka 士丽拇卡蓝花糯米糕

These two weeks has been very tough for many Singaporean. Most of us (Including me a Singapore PR) were sadden by the passing of Singapore's Founding Father the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. This great and visionary leader has contributed greatly on the peace of Southeast Asia and help shape the dynamic economic growth in the region, he has leave behind a legacy for Singaporean. Thank you Mr. Lee for everything you have prepared for us, you are and still will be the giant in my life as you have gave us hope and vision to work hard for our future on a fair ground, now, my son will be proud to call himself a Singaporean... Thank you Mr. Lee! ...Farewell, Rest in Peace. 

Few days ago saw Joceline posted her beautiful Seri Muka and I discovered her recipe is using a portion of tapioca flour which is different from the recipe I used previously. Since I have all ingredients in my pantry I swing into action to make Kuih Seri Muka this morning, clearing some ingredients before I go on my Easter Holiday. 

This is indeed a beautiful recipe as my hubby and son also thumbs up for the springy texture of the top green layer. 

李光耀老先生的过世,好多人都感到愁障伤心。李老先生把他的一生都供献给了新加坡,他对东南亚一带的和平,经济供献大家都有目共睹的。他对家庭,晚妻的爱和照护更是一个让好多人学习的榜样。你是我生命中的巨人,你给了我们一个公平的机会去创建我们的将来,谢谢你! 我的孩子可以骄傲的说他是新加坡人。。。告别了老先生,请安息!


16 March 2015

Ham Chim Peng (Chinese Five Spice Doughnut 咸煎饼)


咸煎饼,小时候很喜欢的小吃,老爸喜欢买的夜宵。我想说。。。不难弄!要点是:Starter Dough 一定要发上八小时,醒面时一定要醒好,油一定要够烧,下锅煎之前一定要压扁面团。明天弄给集会的成品希望也是满意的才好不然一定被大姐头骂死咯。别遭踏了那来得不易的南乳!

Ham Chim Peng or Chinese Five Spice Doughnut is a street food I used to eat during my childhood days. I made this once sometime in Mar 2014 the taste was good as I love to taste the strong red fermented bean curd (Nam Yu) in the Ham Chim Peng. But...too much red fermented bean curd in the dough will turn the texture into light maroon and after deep fried the Ham Chim Peng its crust is really dark in colour, which is a bit unslightly. 

I modified a bit on my previous recipe, and must give thanks and credit to some of the friends who tasted the first batch of Ham Chim Peng and  for their sincere feedback, I tried a few rounds on perfecting the Ham Chim Peng and ...here it is the lovely texture, colour and taste. Thank you! You know who you are!

This recipe is with 1/4 tsp of baking soda. An ingredient I hardly use in my recipe.

10 March 2015

Sweet Potato Donuts 红薯甜甜圈

Recently true realization of the meaning of "if you help someone who is in difficult situation don't expect that person to be kind to you when he/she comes out from the shit". Of course, it pay off for us to see another true character of human being. I thank God for that. 

Today I started my day well with two free cups of chocolate milk from Bread Talk. Doing my usual round of attending to the plant in my garden make me feel refresh and free from any burden. I prefer to be alone in the home doing my own stuff most of the time, it was this way for the pass many years, this really rejuvenate my mind and soul rather than having coffee morning with people, this statement I think will make me "anti-social" in the eyes of many busybody. Life is so short, please let me live the way I want. 

Donuts is popular in my home, this time I added golden sweet potato in it instead of the pumpkinThe water contents in my sweet potato is less compared to my previous pumpkin donuts, so the flour I used is about ~280g. Homemade donuts is healthier choice compared to buying  from outside because we can use fresh cooking oil and lesser sugar in the donuts. I'm going to make another batch these few days! 

Verdict: This donuts remain soft until the third day, no heating up is requires but if compared to my super soft pumpkin donuts, I prefer the soft texture from the pumpkin donuts. The dough for this donuts is not as sticky as the pumpkin donuts. Water contents in the dough is crucial, in future may just use 250g of flour instead of 280g. 

04 March 2015

Chinese Roasted Pork Belly (Siu Yuk 脆皮烧肉)

Recently many things happened and my mind was too occupied to come back to this space doing what I love to do...writing my blog. 

God has a plan in everything, His priority never change... every times when I think of this issue, I felt so touch by how faithful God answer our prayers, this time is so tangible. He came and handled the incident for me, now I'm happy that I no longer holding grudge against the people involved in the incident. 

First time making Roasted Pork Belly in such a big bulk, 3 kg! It was for the second day of Chinese New Year gathering. I was so happy that the roasted pork belly turned out with a crispy crackling skin, the meat was tender and juicy! I'm using the recipe method that use the coarse sea salt to cover the skin at the first stage of roasting.

17 February 2015

Dahlia Butter Cookies with Strawberry Flavour 草莓口味花开福贵牛油饼

This will be the last bake for the coming Chinese New Year, my previous baked on Dahlia Butter Cookies was with rose essence flavour, I like it but my hubby said he doesn't like the rose aroma. Today, even I still not completely  feeling well, I make an effort to bake this Dahlia Butter Cookies (Kuih Semperit) again with strawberry flavour. My boy loves this melt-in-mouth cookies with his flavorite strawberry aroma! Another beautiful Chinese New Year cookies that love by my family. 

May the Blessing of God be showered on you and your family, wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


13 February 2015

Valentine Rainbow Heart Cookies 情人节心型采红曲奇

第一次这面子书上看到Eugenie Kitchen的情人节心型采红曲奇就大大喜欢,於是就动手弄了。烘焙这种采红曲奇真的还得花点耐心,还有得计划好面团的厚度,这是成功的关键得记得哟!成品是亮丽的香脆牛油曲奇。。。我的牛油曲奇过早切面团了道至曲奇的背面不工整。

Fall in love with Eugenie Kitchen's Rainbow Heart Cookies when I saw her video on Facebook for the first time! Swung into action to bake this beautiful Rainbow Heart Cookies. I'm going to say that this is not a simple task as it involved lot of patient for the cookies dough to harden in the fridge and you need a little planning on the cookies dough thickness. 

The height of the dough before cutting has to be the same height as your cookies cutter. When you are flattening the dough, you have to estimate with your cookies cutter on what is the maximum number you can cut out from the dough, then decide the wide and length of the dough you are flattening. For my case, I want to cut out two hearts on each slice of the dough and  with the cookies cutter thickness, I have four slices of the dough stack. I got 9 rainbow hearts. With one salvage from the left over dough.

The end result is an awesome, attractive, crunchy butter Valentine Rainbow Heart Cookies that everyone who want to eat it will say "I love you!" Hahahaha!!! My hubby said it!! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Note: For future bake on this cookies, I will prefer using 160C~170C to prevent the browning on the side of cookies. My cookies was baked at 190C for 10 mins.

08 February 2015

Mantou (Chocolate Spiral Steamed Bun 鲜奶巧克力双色馒头卷)

Mantou (Chinese Steamed Bun) a simple bun that can be taken plain or even go with chili crab, braised pork, curry, etc. In some occasions, we eat deep fried mantou. It is with no filling but mantou can have many varieties of flavour depends on what you like. I used to make bao, a type of Chinese steamed bun with filling, to me there is a little difference between these two steamed buns. The texture of the mantou is not so fluffy as the bao. Mantou texture is soft but denser than bao! My son ate two of the chocolate spiral steamed buns straight after I took the photos!

The proportion of chocolate dough and plain dough for this creation is 1:3, I have tried on 1:1 but the swirl turned out is not what I like. I love how this swirls turned out, it looks beautiful! 

This recipe is with reference to Carol's Milk Mantou (鲜奶馒头) with minor change. I add a tsp of cocoa powder and extra 30ml of milk. 

今天上的馒头。。。自己是非常满意那双色卷。巧克力和白面团的对比是 1:3

06 February 2015

Dahlia Butter Cookies (Kuih Semperit 花开福贵牛油饼)

This Dahlia Butter Cookies was on my baking list for long, but I didn't take any action thinking I'm not good in cake pipping. I was wrong! One day when I was searching on the web, I chanced on Nasi Lemak Lover's blog, she shown us the tool she used for her Dahlia Cookies which make me think that I should try baking one. 

I tried on a few pipping tips but it is the Wilton 847 big nozzle that work for me. I pushed and pipped the dough using my fingers without the pipping bag. This is actually a beautiful festive bakes with its unique rose aroma, of course who can resist the melt-in-mouth cookies. This cookies really make me feel that Chinese Lunar New Year is near!!

这是好久以前就想烘焙的牛油饼,那时的我看了以为很难的挤花后来才知道不难!所以说在生命里没有不能成的事,难在人心成事在人!我用了不同的挤花尝试,后来找出Wilton 847 大挤花头是用手直接把面团塞进花嘴挤出的。这是一道很漂亮的应节牛油饼,我想大家都会喜欢它那独得的玫瑰香还有酥滑的牛油口感。 这道牛油饼真的把过年的气息带来卡达尔了!

Thanks Jane for the recipe and Sonia for showing how to pipe the Dahlia Flowers. This recipe is a keeper as it doesn't distort the shape of the flower after baked!!

Peanut Cookies 花生饼

Peanut Cookies is sure in my menu because it is one of my hubby's favourite! This was the second batch I baked in a row, this year I changed the peanut cookies pattern a bit, it is with indentation in the middle. My first batch of peanut cookies actually didn't take the indentation well, the cookies dough cracked when I made the indentation in the middle. So I added more oil for my second batch of baking so the dough is able to bind well. 

To get a smooth peanut cookies, you need to use icing sugar and make sure you knead the dough well! Love this crumbly and addictive cookies!! Oops! the top of the cookies is way too dark...next time no more adding of golden syrup in the glaze. 


05 February 2015

Kuih Bahulu 鸡蛋糕

After waiting for more than five months, eventually I received all the parcels! The Kuih Bahulu mould is the one I'm waiting all this while. This little flower cake is filled with its unique eggy aroma, it will retain its crispy crust and fluffy sponge for a few days if you keep it in air tight container. 

It was a chore for me to remove the Kuih Bahulu when I started first batch of baking, but when the mould finally heat up to its optimum temperature (may be third batch of baking), it is a bliss to remove the cake from the mould. I wish I could have more than one Kuih Bahulu mould at the time of baking as it can save up lot of baking time.

The crucial steps to ensure a successful Kuih Bahulu are: 1. Heat up the greased Kuih Bahulu mould properly so the cake will not stick on the mould after baking. 2. Whisk the egg mixture to light and pale before adding the sugar, then whisk the mixture to fluffy light again. 3. Gradually fold in the flour and mix well the flour with the egg mixture. The end result is the beautiful crisp and spongy Kuih Bahulu! The ratio for egg and sugar should be 1:1 portion.



Note on 8/2/2015: This Kuih Bahulu has to be consumed within 3 days, as the cake turns very dry on the fourth day.