31 December 2014

Fried Lo Bak Gou (Pan Fired Radish Cake) 煎罗卜糕



I'm thrill to be able to come back to my kitchen, concentrate to bake and cook for my family, a personal space that is calm and able to quiet my heart.

Today is the last day of year 2014, year-crossing to 2015 I have made fried radish cake or fried lo bak gou as a snack for my love one. It is easy to make, no complicated steps, just need to fry the radish properly and steam the radish mixture until translucent then you will get a satisfying end product. A crispy crust with a soft inner radish cake! Yummylicious! The steamed radish cake can be stored in freezer for later consume. Thaw the radish cake in room temperature before pan fry.     

The recipe is from Eileen and referring to Cass also. I omitted the dried shrimps in it and add a bit of salt so Gabriel can take the fried radish cake safely.

30 December 2014

Nutella Cheesecake

Hi I'm back from holiday! 

This December to me is filled with love, fun and friendship. How about yours? I didn't make myself overeating or over busy during the break. I was inspired to bake this Nutella Cheesecake by a friend who had baked it, when I saw it I gamely told her I want a slice too, she brought two big slices to me wrapped in crumpled aluminium foil... it was heart warming! That was one of the most delicious Nutella Cheesecake I ever tasted. She is talented in many ways that she herself may not feel so, she has a beautiful personality.

I found a Nutella Cheesecake recipe on Internet (Rasa Malaysia's website) but as you know me ...always like to change the recipe here and there to suit the ingredients I have in hands. I measured and recorded the method so I can replicate it next time. The best part of this cake is, it can be done with hand whisk! This Nutella Cheesecake is for a party which I'm going to attend, if you like heavy creamy cheesecake, this is for you! 

Wish you a Successful and Awesome 2015!!

13 December 2014

Gingerbread Cookies

I always find the gingerbread cookies selling outside too spicy for my son, I thought he will not like the gingerbread cookies, but I was wrong! 

This year I baked the gingerbread cookies just because there will be kids coming over and I think I should make some at home. I searched on the Internet and landed on Food.com's The Most Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies. As I always don't like to have baking powder and baking soda in my cookies, I omitted them totally and I'm glad I did so. The dough was firm and nice to work with.

This is truly an amazing cookies, the kids love it and I think the adults too. May be the gingerbread cookies taste nicer because of great company too! ^^ This recipe is a sure keeper. 

Wish you a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!