26 January 2013

Hello from Melbourne: Australia Day

Hi, today is Australia Day, it is the official National Day of Australia. However, the place I stay is very quiet, can't really tell there is any celebration going on, no Australia flags hanging around lamp post like as in Singapore National Day. 

My son missed Singapore, he said he wants to go back. Yesterday saw him playing with my hand phone, he was watching the videos clip of himself with his ex-schoolmates again and again. I can feel how he miss his friends.

He developed heat rashes since last week, it was all over his right leg, it was itching. Thank God, his situation improved after we brought him to see the doctor introduced by his school administrator. Now he can sleep through the night without scratch his skin.  

I miss the food, to be precise I miss Asian food, these two weeks keep trying out different restaurants to find good eating places. This afternoon we went to Glen Waverly town area, found a few Asian grocery shops. Most of the things I need are there, but the  brand they have some are quite different. Feel a bit handicap...   

The happy part is we bought a car and can move around freely, thank God for the blessing! Car here is cheap if compared to Singapore. My consignment still not yet clear custom, pray that it will be release by next week. Hopefully, by then still have time to participant in Sonia's Chinese New Year event :)

Bye, and good night!