30 August 2012

Chili Anchovies Buns (Gelatinized Dough)

I am still in the midst of packing up my stuff for the big move, 80% of my stuff is in the boxes and my kitchen is close to "empty" :) Looking at the bare and neat kitchen, suddenly I have a taught of wanting my kitchen to be always in this kind of minimalist stage. Is like clearing all the clutter out of my soul and wanting to live a more healtier life by eating less sugar, salt, and excersice more. Haha... lossing 2 kg for me seems mission impossible (btw, I'm not really "fat" but wanting to reduce from 52kg to 50kg) just wonder how some can do it within a short period.
This bread was make months ago, I improvised my leftover pulut panggang filling by adding some anchovies to make chili anchovies bun filling. The bun tastes lovely with the grated coconut in it. Hope you don't mind seeing my old recipe again :)

12 August 2012

Cream Corn Cranberry Chiffon Cake


本来七人组的团体到最后一堂课也只剩四个孩子,而我从没想过我的孩子会是那坚执到最后的其中一个。明天(28/7/2012),他将在老师朋友面前弹出他的第一次钢琴演凑 。四岁的他为自己选了“Ten Little Indians" 曲子。

回想这一年多以来,每堂课都必须家长倍伴曾是让我很困扰的问题。那可是本来我可自由上美容院的日子!加上键盘课的时间是那最不实合孩子的下午班,开始上课时好多时候孩子都会因太累了而显得精神无法集中,有过动的现象。记得有一次,孩子过动得过火我气愤的告诉他“如果你不想专心,不想学键盘,那更好!我们现在就离开。” 说罢就拉着他要走,没想到孩子尽哭着说他要留下,他还要学键盘。那是第一次让我看到孩子对学习的任真,坚执。