04 July 2012

Gabriel's Artworks 3 and temporary good bye!

Blue angry birds (drew on 25 Apr 2012), he printed his name in a box on each of them, you see it? :) 

Hi, I am doing lot of house clearing, sometimes I do surf the Internet using my phone but seldom leave any comments for you. There is one point that I close my post comment to prevent myself from checking the Internet. Finally I came to a conclusion that I need to pen down my temporary good bye to you so I can have a peace of mind ...for myself. I actually enjoy the free time and freedom of having far away from coumputer and that's really lot of thing I need to settle at this point of time.

The TOP for my new house was rejected on Monday, news saying it will be granted very soon. Lot of pending works just waiting for the key to go in the house and make final decisions. My neck is long like giraffe :)

Gabriel has been placed on full daycare or flexi care for the first time. He refused to eat the school lunch for the past two days and I have to bring him home. Teacher told me he cried and stood at the door waiting to go out together with the student on half day program. When I went to fetch him, he kept asking me where I was? Why he has to sleep at school.

We have been discussed with him about he will be go on full daycare for the pass few weeks, I think he still don't understand about the sudden changes. Today is the third day and I told him I will bring him back at 3.30 pm. He brought his pillow and blanket, insisted to bring the blanket he doesn't want to use at home, as his mum I really don't understand his actions on this issue... I missed him this afternoon. 

Let me say good bye to you by sharing my son drawings. Hope I can come back to you very soon. I missed some of my blogger friends who now ...no longer blogging. 

Rocket. Water colour done on 5 May 2012.

Drawing on song sheet 2 May 2012. 小乌鸦,so cute and colourful!

Drawing on song sheet 2 May 2012. 小蜜蜂,so fat and adorable!

Chicks. Drew on 6 May 2012.