11 November 2011

A Day at West Coast Park

11-11-11 a special day, no food for today post.

Today Gabriel no need to go to school as it is their school teacher-parents interview day. I brought him to West Coast Park again to play sand...

Out of so many times coming over, today I can feel the sand is the best day for building sand castle. The surface of the sand was dry but when we dug deeper, it was wet.... see the castles we have built with the beautiful details.

A peaceful and quiet moment enjoying the breeze and beautiful day with my son ...and WT is coming back today.


  1. Look like you had a fun day with your son! Happy 111111

  2. Ah Tze, your blog is very difficult to click in leh...I click until pek cek I have to go to google to google your name and enter from the fried bee hoon post then to your home page. ohh..seems you had a lovely day playing sand with Gabriel. :)

  3. Sonia, Happy 111111 to you too :)

    Li Shuan, thanks for letting me know there is difficulty in access my blog, no sure why le. Happy 111111 to you and wish you have a wonderful day too!

  4. did you build those sand teddy bears and crabs? it's really good to have a break, walk around and have some time off doing all these!

  5. 好温馨的亲子日,Gab玩得很开心吧!

  6. Looks like a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful day! I am sure your boy is very happy :D

  7. What a fun day with your son! My kids loved playing in the sand, too~ Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  8. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend too!


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