28 March 2011

Fried Clams with Ginger, Vinegar

One of my favourite seafood...clams! This is a dish which I love since young, my mother will always prepare this dish for me when I go to visit her. I always buy clams when I  see it in the wet market. The sauce from this dish contains the natural sweetness from the clams and a bit sourness from the vinegar which make me finished the whole plate of rice! 

27 March 2011

Muah Chee (Microwaved Version)

My hubby loves Muah Chee because of the peanuts. When I saw Janine from Not The Kichen Sink made one with microwaved version, I quickly hopped over to read her post :) Janine's recipe is enough to serve only one, therefore I'm using the lovely recipe from Ju, The Little Teochew 

25 March 2011

Stone Ground Berry Rye Bread

This is my first attempt on stone ground bread, I used the healthy rye bread mix. I based the steps and recipe by using Carol's 天然孝母黑麦杂粮面包 with modifications because I don't have the natural yeast. End result of this project is ...burnt one of my right hand finger :(

24 March 2011

Soft and Spongy Banana Cake

If you are following my posts, for sure you knew about my attempts on banana cakes. Some cakes texture didn't turn out well as what I expected, mainly I'm too wild in changing the original recipes or could it be the method used :) When I saw Joelyn幸福起点 daring to add 500g bananas to her banana cake, I stunned and realized adding more banana wouldn't make the cake texture looks dense, it must be another reason....

Recently I saw Wen's Delight baked a Soft and Spongy Banana Cake, she used 400g bananas! Moreover, she has a special slide created to show how to make a perfect soft and spongy banana cake, this encourage me to give myself a try to bake a big banana cake :) Thank you Wen for your beautiful recipe and step by step slide!

The cake is for tomorrow cell group and I think it has the blessing from God as this is my first successful banana cake texture (not counting my previous chocolate banana cupcake, as it is smaller in size)

23 March 2011

Gabriel, Gabriel you are 3!

Let me present...Lightning McQueen Fondant chocolate cake from Cupcakedivinity! It is a very lovely cake, Dr. Mater and Lightning McQueen expression are super cute! The chocolate sponge is soft, moist and delicious!

22 March 2011

Goodie Bags for Gabriel's Classmates

Gabriel will be 3 tomorrow! It will be his first birthday party with his friends besides the fullmoon birthday party. Gabriel one and two years old birthday were very simple. He is very excited about his birthday cake and started asking for "X" cake since he first saw the cartoon character on a brochure, I tried to change his mind (well I think Pooh Bear and Friends is sweet, don't you think so :)) but he insists until ...now! My boy, he is really strong will kid! Anyway, I already surrender one month ago, he will get what he wants ^_^

20 March 2011

Steamed Creamy Sweet Corn Custard Bun 玉米奶黄包 (Sweet Corn Nai Huang Bao)

My previous creation on Steamed Creamy Custard Bun is popular, until today it still my most popular post. I guess lot of people like the creamy custard! This round I'm trying out using Carol's (奶黄馅) creamy custard recipe with modifications in the custard ingredients, more healthy version if compared to my previous creation as no evaporated milk and coconut milk but sweet corn and cheese!

16 March 2011

Orange Honey Bread

I love the taste of orange cake , it makes me dig into all my recipes to find a bread or cake that use orange as main ingredient and I found Carol 's Orange Honey Bread 鮮橙蜂蜜麵包. I'm using gelatinized dough or Tanzhong method 汤种法 again. First time not using sugar but natural honey in bread, the taste is divine! 

15 March 2011

Osmanthus Sweet Corn Soy Toast

There is a twist on Gabriel lunch arrangement. Gabriel persistence in his choice of food makes the teacher surrender...they arrange a snack for him instead of forcing him to take the school meal. I'm happy about the special arrangement because the food I prepared in the early morning will turn cold when he eat it at 11.30 am, and that might be chances of food poisioning too. Today his teacher told me the kitchen prepared cheese sandwishes for him and he ate it!!

Talk about healthy choice, this time I added osmanthus and soy flour in my bread. It is mainly for trying out and using Carol's recipe as a guide the bread turned out well. Initially I was thinking of the bread might be with the lovely osmanthus frangrance, but no, it doesn't carry the strong osmanthus frangrance but the sweet corns is the dominant. I didn't use gelatinized method for this toast purely with a heart to try out something different. Ready? Lets go!

14 March 2011

Orange Almond Cake

Today is Monday, I baked this quick cupcake for Gabriel. It looks like a sun; bright and cheerful. The orange frangrance, wake up everyone in the morning!

Gabriel doesn't like the almond pieces on his cake, this time I do away with the almonds topping.

11 March 2011

Apple Pound Cake

Foodbuzz and Electrolux are partnering to host a Top 9 Tea Party Takeover on Friday, March 25th. According to Foodbuzz, they will donate $50 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for every tea party recipe created by a Featured Publisher before March 23rd! I'm baking this Apple Pound Cake to join the event. Find myself so useful today in helping raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research, and I'm glad that I brave myself to do what is right! If you would like to contribute, please find out more on Kelly Confidential

09 March 2011

Dark Brown Sugar Marble Chiffon Cake 无油黑糖大理石戚风

Two days off from school because of his runny nose, returning to school frighten Gabriel. He cried and peeked through the glass panel from his class, seeing the tiny shadow pressing on the glass panel it was hard for me. His eyes looked worries, searched for mummy. I heard teacher called him: Little yellow worm, come! yes, today he told teacher he is little yellow worm. I queried myself many times whether this is the right decision to send him to pre-school, he actually no need to suffer this kind of separation at this young age. I picked him up at noon, he told me he was scared, he missed me. As a mum, we really need a strong heart to get through this stage.   

This chiffon is using dark brown sugar, an ingredient which I love, the fragrance lingers in the kitchen after baking...

07 March 2011

A Blossoming Bun 菊花包

Gabriel refused to eat lunch prepared by the aunty at Learning Vision.  For the whole week, during lunch time he sat there together with his classmate, they ate their lunch but not him :( The teacher told me, please bring something from home for him! Really headache plus heartache...when I went to pick him up at noon he always hungry. 

Recently I saw someone baked a nice flower bread and I think it is a good presentation to attract Gabriel to eat. I'm using 爱生活,爱厨房:菊花包 recipe with changes. Instead of pumpkin, I used sweet potato as the main ingredient.

06 March 2011

Marble Pound Cake: 2nd attempt

This is my second attempts on marble cake. I'm using Carol's marble pound cake recipe, this time not dare to make any modifications, no banana, please!
Lesson learnt:
1. Butter should not be too soft.
2. No need to beat the butter until too smooth in the begining stage. 
3. oil dashing out is common situation in pound cake.

My heart sank when I saw the oil accumulate in the baking pan, I thought, oh no, again! But when I cut the cake, surprise, the texture of the cake looks nice and soft, no oily bottom like in my previous baked

Soft texture! :D

05 March 2011

Penang Hokkian Style Deep Fried Nian Gao

Nian Gao, the glutinous rice cake was one of the best finger food at home.  This is the recipe from home, from my mum and also from my mother-in-law, this is the way a true Penang Hokkian lady would fried their Nian Gao. It is one of the taste ingrained since young. The memory of home and the place where I grown-up become very clear. I placed a piece of crispy fried nian gao in my mouth, the sticky gooey filling melted with the taste of sweet potato, always at the risk of burning the tongue. I remember how far we are now, outside my windows, I can see rain falling from the sky. 

01 March 2011

Dark Brown Sugar Butter Toast

My first toast using Carol's Dark Brown Sugar Butter Toast recipe。I used gelatinized dough method 汤种法面团 instead of Lau Mian Fa 老麵法, because according to Carol, 老麵法 will add extra savoury to bread, I'm not sure whether I'm able to accept that extra flavour. Better be safe than sorry. As a whole, I'm happy with the glazing and texture of the bread. However, it will be great if the letter "C" on the bread can be taller.