18 November 2009


Gabriel said his first "Amen" this morning. This happened when WT finished his regular morning prayer, and Gabriel said "Amen"! :)

17 November 2009

Long Waiting

The selection, a long waiting and it didn't always end up smooth sailing the maid to your home. Sometimes, the agency might feedback that you need to reselect another biodata because of some untold reasons. The tiredness, frustration really push us to the wall, it makes us have no choice but to select a transfer one who can come to our home ... within days.  

12 November 2009

Lonely Day

Gabriel is not happy recently, too lonely I think. 

He can't understand why mama suddenly has to be in the kitchen and can't play or bring him down to the playground. He always sit waiting for me at the kitchen's entrance when I'm busy. So sad to see him in this expression.